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Welcome New team members!

Victoria Gore, Account Executive, San Diego
Mayra Murillo, Escrow Officer, San Diego
Estella Ortiz, Escrow Officer, San Diego
Gwen Oliveras, Receptionist, Brea
Heather Curry, Escrow Assistant, Newport Beach
Pauline Kennedy, Senior Escrow Officer, Newport Beach
Kadie Baldwin, Escrow Officer, Fountain Valley
Erika De Grote, Escrow Assistant, Fountain Valley
Renata Celaya, Escrow Assistant, Fullerton

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Escrow DBO License Numbers

Quality Escrow, Mission Viejo: 963-2534
Las Vegas - Prominent Escrow Group: 702-830-4414

Brea: 963-2570 (our corporate headquarters)
Fountain Valley: 863-1624
Fullerton: 863-1592
Newport Beach: 863-1644
San Diego: 863-1601


Escrow States

Did you know Prominent can service escrows in several US states? Below is a list of the state, and which office(s) can assist with escrows in that state. 

Arizona: Brea, Fountain Valley, Newport Beach
Idaho: Brea, Fountain Valley, Newport Beach
Nevada: Brea, Fountain Valley, Newport Beach
New Mexico: Brea, Fountain Valley
North and South Dakota: Brea
Oklahoma: Brea
Oregon: Brea, Fountain Valley, Newport Beach
Washington: Brea, Fountain Valley

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Like, Follow, and Share our social platforms and help Prominent grow!

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