Bulk Sale Escrows


Bulk/Business Opportunity and Asset Escrows (commonly referred to as “Bulk” sale escrows) entail a unique, complex process, and with over 30 years of escrow experience, Debbie Holmes is YOUR go-to expert! 

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Debbie Holmes
Bulk Sale Escrow Officer
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18446 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92078

Did You Know?

  • A business in considered a “personal” property wheres land with structures is known as “real” property.

  • A Bulk Sale commonly refers to the sale of a business, which may include inventory and assets. It may also refer to the sale of real estate assets in different locations.

  • A Business Asset Sale is the sale asset, which may include the following: furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory and stock in trade.

  • A Business Opportunity Sale is defined as the sale or lease of the business and goodwill of an existing business enterprise or opportunity. The sale of a business opportunity may involve the sale of only personal property.

Debbie will expertly guide you through these bulk escrow details, the bulk escrow process, and will assist you with all other escrow related questions. She is known to go above and beyond to facilitate the transfer of real property, business assets, liquor licenses and mobile homes. She will always strive to stay at least one step ahead to prevent any “red flags” or creditor claims. Debbie can also provide you with the necessary tools to help process your Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) application.

Debbie is eager to share her vast knowledge and help guide you through a successful and understandable Bulk Escrow Sale experience!

Contact our Bulk Escrow Specialist, Debbie Holmes, to experience a new level of service!