Investing in Small Home Repair Jobs can Have Big Benefits

There are great similarities between maintaining a small home and that of maintaining a healthy
diet plan. Everyone knows that eating healthy foods is a priority, but few actually invest their
times in that on weekends. Instead, binge eating is the traditional norm. Just like that, small
homeowners know that there are plenty of small repair jobs that need accomplishment, but
spending the weekends on the job just continues to get postponed. However, you need to
consider spending a little time in your weekends for the job. In fact, carrying on the diet analogy,
it can actually take much less time in certain home improvement projects than preparing a new

You may have the number of a good handyman in your locality who can help you with these
minor maintenance works, but these works do not demand much time and effort. According the
Gino Goe, a Santa Barbara property manager, these small jobs are just too simple to consider
hiring an extra hand. “You can go about them even if you do not have a big toolbox in your
basement workshop or a flannel shirt.”

These go a long way in making the home more convenient and beautiful. Besides, there is that
pride of your personal touch that always lends character to a property.

Increasing energy efficiency
The energy efficiency aspect is an important parameter. Not only is it a sustainable practice, but
it also may make you eligible for certain tax benefits. They are also huge cost savers which is an
essential parameter for small homeowners who have to deal with a diversity of bills at the end of
the month. You just have to ensure that your energy costs come down even during periods of
peak effectiveness.

You can plainly start by applying a leaf blower to the condenser of your air conditioner
appliance. The condenser is the outer box of the machine. This simple strategy can keep the
machine clean and functioning well, and has the potential of saving up to 15% of your air
conditioning energy expenditure.

You can also try getting rid of the lint build up in your clothes dryer. This is again a very easy
job. You need to take off the vent hose from the dryer machine and apply the vacuuming to get
rid of the lint. According to Jim Godbout, the ex president of Maine Plumbing and Heating
Contractors Association, this vacuuming can save the dryer electricity bill by about 25-30 %.
If you have radiators in your heating system, consider using a ‘key’ that you can get from your
local hardware retailer for a few cents. You can use this for bleeding the air out of the radiator
system. This can see that your heating bills reduce by as much as 20% . Increase stuff longevity
A great way to incur savings is to make things last longer than they usually do. These small
repairs can go a long way in home maintenance and saving big repair costs later on. Look for
spaces of improvement. Windowsills are susceptible to rot, so you must look out for any cracks
in the sill. You can just buy exterior caulk worth a few dollars for sealing any fissures in the
windowsill. This essentially keeps the rainwater out and prevents the windows from rotting. You
do not have to replace the rotting windows, thereby saving money.

However, in case of extensive paint damage, you have to scrap off the existing paint and put on a
fresh new coat. There are other ways of preventing paint damage as well. Always see whether
the spray from the garden sprinkler is heating the walls of the house or the garage. Set up a
protective barrier on the walls and save upto $10,000 on a new paint job.

Groaning, squeaking, creaking doors and windows is yet another problem. There is no need to
hire a pro for this. You can simply spray WD-40 on the groaning regions. This provides the
necessary lubrication, moisture prevention and keeps them clean.

Keep things in use
Always try to keep the various mechanical components of the home in use. Otherwise, later they
can become malfunctioning. You may want to sell your home to a new buyer later on. The buyer
may hire an appraiser of the property. So, when this person comes, all the equipments must be
working well. Otherwise, these small neglected aspects may cause the cost of the home to come

Take the garbage disposal system for example. You may not use it everyday, but consider using
it once in a while. Other such neglected aspects at the home includes the Jacuzzi pumps of the
attic bathroom, and the emergency shut down switches of the electrical network and water
supply line. Plumbing fixtures deserve a lot of maintenance, since they have to balance constant
water flow. Look for the various valves in your plumbing network. Keep them operational by
closing and opening them occasionally. This ensures that your plumbing system is working at
maximum efficiency.

Check out the circuit breakers in your electrical line also. Flip them into on-off positions a few
times occasionally. This keeps them from taking up corrosion and you can be sure of the safety
of the house. If they stay unused, they may fail to operate when there is an emergency.
Optimizing the comfort and beauty quotient

Homes are living spaces. The better you keep them, the better your living would be. Maintain a
habit of home maintenance at least twice in a month. Look for signs of unclean homes like the
growth of black mildew on the shower grout. The bathroom vent fan may not be sufficient toprevent the accumulation of moisture. Jeff May, professional of indoor air quality, suggests using an oscillating fan just after using the shower to keep it dry.

Showers often turn into a trickle because of the clogging by mineral deposits. To deal with this,
just take off the showerhead and soak it in white vinegar overnight. This is a great way to
increase your water efficiency.

If you want to clean up the tarnishes stainless steel sink, use a non bleach sink easily available at
your local hardware store. This can effectively restore the shine on the stainless steel.