A window into buyers’ minds

Are buyers really keen on making big buys before the mortgage rate shoots up uncontrollably?

Or, are they refraining from buying because of the steeply rising prices and scarcity in inventories in many markets?

Discuss the topic with today’s buyers for first hand interaction about their priorities at the Real Estate Connect San Francisco.

Come up with questions, challenge set assumptions, and enter through this limited direct window into buyer minds during a panel discussion on July 10, Wednesday. The topic is, ‘Hear it Direct from buyers of today: live panel for consumers.’

The participants at the discussion include Sue Adler, partner and co-founder at Hear-it-Direct; Michael Williamson, partner and executive vice-president of the John Aaroe group; Joelle Senter, market development and customer operations vice president at dotloop; Dawn Thoma, intero real estate services broker associate, Coldwell Banker from Premiere Reality in Las Vegas and the owner of the DiRaffaele group, Joe Diraffaele.