Check Out Prominent Escrow’s New Look!

Welcome to Prominent Escrow’s new website! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we not only have an amazing new website, but we have a completely new look from our logo design to our color scheme. When redesigning the look and feel of the Prominent Escrow brand, our team got together to identify the most important aspects of an escrow transaction so we could translate this into our brand imagery.

In our eyes, the most important aspect of a closing is the escrow company’s personal attention and guidance in assisting the buyer, the seller, and their respective real estate professionals through the transaction. This coordination is vital in making sure everyone is well informed and comfortable with the escrow process and that all milestones of the transaction are met with precision and timeliness. Our team translated this concept into our logo by using the symbol of the circle to represent Prominent. As the shepherd for the two inner lines representing the buyer and the seller, Prominent brings the transaction full circle to completion.

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