Wake me up, when September Ends / Harvest Time!

Good morning all! Well what a year it has been so far, we’re excited to see what Fall will bring! And we had a good August; a great way to finish the summer months.

An interesting tidbit about September: according to history, the Anglo-Saxons called it Gerst monath, (meaning Barley month,) because it was this time that they harvested barley to be made into their favorite drink: barley brew. It was also called Harvest month. Well although we here at Prominent Escrow don’t brew beer, (at least I don’t think thats a service we offer,) I’m sure that after a long day in the real estate industry, there are those of us who enjoy a cold one!

So here we go: Start harvesting your farms, go help home-owners begin to take advantage of the tax relief provided only until the end of 2012, because remember, without that relief, homeowners who back out of their mortgages with a short sale or foreclosure have to pay taxes on the amount that is forgiven. Although inventory is low, strive to help find your buyers quality properties, that they can get into and take advantage of low FHA interest rates. For our lending clients and partners, rates will begin to increase, help get applicants locked in now while they are still under 4 percent.

So as we look forward to September’s happenings, we would like to thank you all for your support, wish you a great Autumn, and also wish you a successful harvest month!

--Lance Indes of Prominent Escrow Services